I hardly even recognize myself - inside & out. 100% improvement.
My name is Michelle and I'm a fatally flawed but eternally optimistic woman. Life hasn't exactly gone the way I expected, but that's okay. I have learned a lot about myself on this journey and continue to with each new experience I take on. I (begrudgingly) took up running about 5 years ago and ended up falling in love with it, for which I am forever grateful - it has given me an outlet to seek refuge in and brought countless friends my way. I see myself as a work in progress and the end result is TBD. I pull inspiration from those around me and am constantly trying to improve myself and I hope that others can do the same with me. After all, we're all in this boat together!

Big Cottonwood Marathon 2014 - My little brother's first!

I landed the best job ever and get to spend time in my beloved redrock. #winning
My running family. The "Hot Runners".

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