Monday, November 16, 2009


Every year we have a fabulous photographer take our family photo. She does amazing work and is always ready and willing to try a cool shot or a new location. This year was no exception. If you ever need a great photographer (ahem, aside from ME of course!), I recommend Lindsey Hale. Here are just a few of the wonderful photos we were able to get at Saltair.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming soon...

We just had family photos done and they turned out fabulous! My hope is to get the CD by this weekend so I can update my blog (it has been a while!) and perhaps even give it a new look... stay tuned!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exploring Fall

Last week I took Tyson up Millcreek Canyon to see the fall colors and to try and get some photograhs of him. The leaves were beautiful and Tyson loved exploring the pathways and running from place to place yelling "Look Mama, look!" I love to see him take it all in. Here are some of the photos I took.

Here he is blowing me a kiss. My little Romeo!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's just not as cute when you're 28...

Chillin' in the laundry basket watching TV. It's a rough life if you're Tyson.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

This is the story of a 15 year war that I have waged against a mountain. Not just any mountain, Mount Timpanogas. My nemesis. For years I have tried to conquer this mountain and failed. Fitness (lack thereof, actually), pregnancy, lack of tenacity are just a few of the excuses I have used to explain my loss of these battles. There were some years where I didn't even dare try to make the 8 hour, 15 mile hike. This time was different. After gearing up by running miles upon miles, exercising every day and even boxing with a trainer, I finally felt adequately prepared to take on my old foe.
One of at least a dozen waterfalls along the hike. At their peak they are refreshingly cold and even more beautiful in person.

Despite the chill temperature and summer's departure, there are still plenty of hillsides of wildflowers to admire!

We stopped for lunch and chatted with a nice couple who offered to take our picture. We tried not to think about the additional 2 hours of climbing we still had to do.
At such a high elevation, the leaves are changing rapidly into their fall attire.

When we finally reach the ridge just below the summit, I gasp as I see the view. It was breathtaking. The first words out of my mouth were literally "Oh wow. That was so worth it."

We were fortunate to get a glimpse of some handsome Mountain Goats. There had to be several hundred of them grazing in the valley below, we caught this one as he was going down the sheer rock ledges.

My "I DID IT" pose. After 15 years and countless attempts, I can now say I've made it to the top. There's no looking back now!

My victory kiss. It is a sweet end to a great journey. I can't wait to see where our next one takes us!

Ok, I admit it. I Suck.

Errr, let me be more specific. At blogging. I am going to do better, I swear. I know, I KNOW, I have said this before. But I am going to make an attempt this time, honest! I recently came to the realization lately that this blog is torn between family and art. I love sharing my photography but also like posting family updates and tons of pics of my little man. So for future reference, visit my NEW blog here to check out what I've been shooting (with a camera - the best way to shoot!) lately.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Survived!

We recently purchased ourselves a new toy. It's a brand-spankin' new tent trailer (even smells new, mmmm!) and this past weekend we took it on its maiden voyage. It was definitely a learning experience considering my Mom and I towed it up there alone. I had set it up and taken it down several times and felt comfortable with that aspect of the trailer, but when it came to the filling of the water tanks and lighting of the furnace, I was clueless. One might naturally say "Why didn't you consult your manual for proper instructions?" which is a valid question. However the dealership had supposedly ordered one and we had not received it yet.
Here is the beauty in all her splendor. For the record, if you ever want to fill the tank of a trailer, your best bet is to put it in the proper place and not hook it up to what seasoned campers call the "city water hookup". You will most likely end up with a half inch of water on your floor followed by many expletives. I'm just saying. This was our spectacular view of Mount Timpanogas.
This should have been a warning of things to come.
Some sort of unique thistle plant with a bug on it.
Believe it or not that is a smile, not because Doug is squeezing him too hard. Tyson only smiles when you tell him to "show us your teeth". Thus the cheesy grin. I'll take what I can get.
This trip was for our Wright Family Reunion so we had a few family members camping with us. We knew we were in for it when the clouds rolled in and the rain started coming down hard. Fortunately we had a pavilion to take cover under and a huge fire pit to hang out by.
I even busted out my new Snuggie to help keep warm. I of course thought of good ol' Kristina and her Snuggie obsession. It was SO cold!
My cute angel baby!
My Grandpa Wright with great-grandson Ethan.
The cloudy mist rolled in and hid Timpanogas.
Tyson enjoyed playing with his cousins.
The annual dutch oven cookoff was a hit! We participated for the first time this year (my beans and chicken pot pie are at the bottom of the photo). We didn't win this year but made a good showing and are already making plans for next year's dishes!

My Aunt Ruth, cousin Jennifer from Colorado and my Dad catching up.

Aside from the cold and the rain, the trip was a success and we got to visit with lots of family members that we don't see very often. Tyson was a huge hit of course and keeps asking when we are going camping again. "With dirt?" he of course asks. Of course there will be dirt.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

When did this happen to me? 28 has crept up on me when I wasn't looking. Wasn't I just 19? I don't feel 28... Are you supposed to feel your age? I've been reflecting on these thoughts all day and I've decided that I have no regrets so far in life and a lot left to accomplish. I look forward to what each day has to bring and I am so thankful for both my Mom (now that I truly understand the miracle of motherhood) and my son. Each in their own way brings a certain joy to my life and I would be lost without them. Thank you to both of you for teaching me so many of life's lessons. I know there are many left to learn and I am both excited and terrified of what is to come!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random photo

One of the flowers from a bush in my front flowerbed. It always blooms mid-summer and is so beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If looks could kill....

This pretty much sums up how I feel when someone asks me to share chocolate around that time of the month...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everything in life can relate back to Bill Cosby

One of my all time favorite comedians is Bill Cosby. The older Tyson gets, the more applicable his standup routine Himself seems to me. I have seen the old VHS version of this so many times I have lost count and yet I laugh just as hard at it as I did the first time seeing it. We were fortunate enough to see him perform at Abravanel Hall here in Salt Lake City a few years ago and it is a memory I cherish. To me, he is one of the greatest comedians ever and to see him perform a two hour show of entirely new material was astounding. He did do ONE bit about the dentist, which is also hilarious. Check him out on YouTube if you've never seen that one.

My favorite parts lately have been his thoughts on being a parent and raising children. I managed to find a clip of one I can particularly relate to lately and decided to share. If you have never seen this show, you must seriously stop what you are doing and go buy it RIGHT NOW. No home should be without a copy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart or the prudish in attitude!

Let me preface this post by saying that I love my son dearly and sometimes he does things I don't understand nor can I explain. Sometimes they are hilarious (and disturbing) and make me laugh til my sides hurt. This occasion was no exception.

Back story: I had just finished giving Tyson a bath and Doug was out waging war with the 24 inch lawn (I resisted the urge to rub in the fact that I had repeatedly TOLD him to mow it sooner).

Tyson kept pestering me: "Where Daddy at? Where Daddy at?" I relented. Sans clothing with only his monkey towel, I took him out to our deck to watch Doug battle the lawn.

Sitting so cute and innocently on the stairs, I couldn't help but grab my camera and snap a few shots.

Then, out of no where, he unexpectedly grabbed the towel and flung it open like a well-seasoned flasher. I was speechless. I couldn't help it. Doubled over in laughter, he just grinned at me wondering what was so funny.

Pretty soon he was standing up, proud of his starkness and gallivanting around our back yard. Oh well. He is, after all, his father's son.