Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

This is the story of a 15 year war that I have waged against a mountain. Not just any mountain, Mount Timpanogas. My nemesis. For years I have tried to conquer this mountain and failed. Fitness (lack thereof, actually), pregnancy, lack of tenacity are just a few of the excuses I have used to explain my loss of these battles. There were some years where I didn't even dare try to make the 8 hour, 15 mile hike. This time was different. After gearing up by running miles upon miles, exercising every day and even boxing with a trainer, I finally felt adequately prepared to take on my old foe.
One of at least a dozen waterfalls along the hike. At their peak they are refreshingly cold and even more beautiful in person.

Despite the chill temperature and summer's departure, there are still plenty of hillsides of wildflowers to admire!

We stopped for lunch and chatted with a nice couple who offered to take our picture. We tried not to think about the additional 2 hours of climbing we still had to do.
At such a high elevation, the leaves are changing rapidly into their fall attire.

When we finally reach the ridge just below the summit, I gasp as I see the view. It was breathtaking. The first words out of my mouth were literally "Oh wow. That was so worth it."

We were fortunate to get a glimpse of some handsome Mountain Goats. There had to be several hundred of them grazing in the valley below, we caught this one as he was going down the sheer rock ledges.

My "I DID IT" pose. After 15 years and countless attempts, I can now say I've made it to the top. There's no looking back now!

My victory kiss. It is a sweet end to a great journey. I can't wait to see where our next one takes us!


Kristina P. said...

Beautiful! I've lived in Utah for a very, very long time, and haven't even been to Timp Caves!

Chelsea said...

Pretty exciting! I've never made the trip either. Tom would love to do it again one day & my friend Tammie has always wanted to try it. I'm too much of a chicken and wimp!

Christy said...

Can't wait to do this hike with you guys next year sometime. :)

jenn said...

Way to go! Someday, I'll do it...someday.

Cynthia said...

You are awesome! I should add that to my fitness bucket list. The photos are amazing. I'm so proud of you!

When I met my hubs he had just riden the Alpine Loop on his bike (Provo Canyon up and over the back of Timp and down AF Canyon). He'd have a cardiac event before getting 2 miles up the canyon now. Sigh.