Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lunch with JLW

On Saturday, my friend JLW (aka Jodi aka J-Lo aka seagull stalkee) met Tyson and me for lunch at Red Robin. We used to work together at Vista until she decided that the drive from Narnia (South Mountain) was TOO far. So she quit and now she's working at a competitor company but it's all good. It was great to see her and have Tyson spend some time with his Auntie Jodi. She did, after all, endure nearly the entire gruesome 9 months of my pregnancy. Hmm.. maybe that's why she really left!


Redhoodoos said...

EGADS! You should warn me next time you put my pic on your blog. I sooo wasn't prepared. lol.

Lunch was awesome, friend. CH is hiring a payroll specialist btw.

binders said...

Your son is darling! Looks like the Jodester has been two-timing me on the lunch mom thing! Just kidding. She's a lot of fun to hang out with- if somewhat elusive these days since she's so busy.