Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Thought...

Let me share a typical get-home-from work moment with everyone: First, unbuckle Tyson, place him on the porch and beg him to go knock on the door for Daddy to let him in (otherwise he tends to wander aimlessly around the yard and results in me chasing him with my arm-loads of junk). Second, carry previously mentioned junk into house, deposit next to the door and make a beeline for the bathroom.

Here's where my random thought/pet peeve comes in... Why is it that when I rush in the door and the first thought occupying my mind is "OMH I have to pee!" does Dakota decide that THIS is the moment that he should come barreling into the bathroom, slamming the door against the wall only for me to curse and shoo him OUT of the bathroom. With the bathroom door still open. I get no privacy. And this joyous event happens every day. Sigh. Damn dog.

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Tom said...

I know!!! Why do they always have to watch? Well, my dog has to be on the leash to go, so since I always have to watch him, maybe he feels that's how it should be done.