Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a great day

We got to go see the movie Bolt FREE with all our friends. Thanks Dane (our realtor) for throwing an awesome party!

I went to see Twilight with Crystal and a bunch of friends from work. Edward is so hunky.. I saw a guy there wearing a shirt that said "I don't know why she keeps calling me 'Edward'."
I so want to get that for Doug.

My Utes were victorious.

Life is good.


Redhoodoos said...

Oh MCF. Your comment was so great. Thanks for being a great friend. You are one of a kind! (meant as a compliment, of course). You almost got me a little teary eyed. Then your Napoleon comment snapped me right back into normalcy. Do you think I should pull a Napoleon on Thanksgiving with my mom and dad and entire family as I slop the food on their plates... "EAT YOUR FOOD! GOSH"!

Glad you had fun seeing the movies - I think I'll make Todd take me this weekend. If you want to meet a few bloggers - we're going to the Cheesecake Factory on Friday at noon. Be there or be square.

Oh yeah - and about your Utes - OUT!

Scott and Lonna said...

It was a GREAT DAY! It was so fun going all of us together to see Twilight! AND our UTES are GREAT!! Haven't see Bolt yet, but I'm sure we will probably go with the little nieces and nephews to see it. Scott wants to see Twilight, so he can talk about it with his girls, (awe sweet)!

Cynthia said...

Was Bolt good? My kids are begging to see it and I don't want to pay full-price (I'm cheap and they have short attention spans) unless the moview is really good!

Sounds like a fun day. We were also cheering for the Utes.