Saturday, March 7, 2009

Summer Spoon Daisies

I love to garden.
Call me a dork, but as soon as the thermostat starts going up and the Lowe's commercials start playing every few minutes on the TV/radio, I start getting the itch to work in the yard. There's just something about the music in the commercials that makes me long for the warm sunshine on my back and sweat on my brow. With that comes the satisfaction that I am growing things in the earth and making something beautiful. Here are some Spoon Daisies that called my garden home last summer. I am anxiously awaiting their return.


Michelle said...

Those are cool daisies. We have the regular ones and I love seeing their cheery little faces in the summer. I bought a bunch of summer bulbs last week to plant when the ground is a bit more workable.

Christy said...

I have never seen those flowers. I like them

Tink said...

You are no dork...yard work and gardening is my place to escape and enjoy life's beauties! I've got spring fever!!!

Michelle said...

saw your comment about my accident, I filled out some papers today at the police and they found her last night and she admitted to running the red light, they are charging her with leaving the scene. It was actually right behind Wheeler farm.

I'm still fighting an accident from a year ago as well. I was rear-ended in a school zone and it totaled my car! It's always such a hassel, I ended up getting an attorney last month to work it out for me.