Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

In honor of warm temps and softball season starting, this week's Random Photo of the Week features my hot hubby doing what he loves most, whacking the softball. Not my best photo by far but I am so stoked for the season to begin! Our first practice is tomorrow and I cannot wait to get the bats out and warm up the ol' arm. I have a batting title to retain and what better time to start working on the batting average?!

I'm curious... what things do you get pumped up about with the warm weather that is upon us??


Grand Pooba said...

What a nice pic! I'm assuming he smacked it out of the park!

I can't wait to get out and walk my dog! We've been couped up for way too long!

Dunn Family said...

Do you every play soccer? We would love to start a team. I really suck at anything that involves hand and eye coordination...I'm much better with my feet. Maybe an indoor team in the winter?