Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to our summer...

Is it July already? Obviously I've been a tad preoccupied, so let me play catch up and share a little bit of what our summer has consisted of... this may be a series of posts so here is the first... more to come when I have a few spare minutes.

In our family, softball is a part of life. And when I say our family, I mean it is a FAMILY affair. Our team is called "It's All Relative" because at any given time we have most of Doug's family playing. All of his brothers play (although not necessarily at the same time) and so does his sister. It's how Doug and I met.

From April until October our weeks are planned according to whose game is when and we do our best to coordinate schedules. We've had to cut back since having Tyson - each of us playing on three teams turned out to be WAY too much.

This year we have been playing in a little more competitive league at THE Cottonwood fields (some of the nicest fields out there) and aren't dominating like we normally do. It's OK though, because I think we could all learn a few things from the games we have lost.

I like to try out different positions but first base is my favorite!
Doug's brother, DJ, playing third base.
Patty making an amazing catch from second base. I think we all held our breath to see if she'd hang onto it!
My handsome honey coaching third base.

This is last year's photo so there are a couple of people missing but it's more or less the same team.
Front row: Doug's brother Allen, Brad, brother DJ, Doug, Jon, brother Todd
Back row: Teresa, Jamie, me, Kami, Patty
Missing from the photo is Doug's Dad, sister Lisa and brother Jeff. If they'd had 4 more girls they'd have had a whole team of just Farnsworths!

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Michelle said...

Baseball or any other sport where a ball comes hurdling at my head is just not my thing so I won't say it's looks "fun", but it is nice that the whole family gets together to do something they love!
I looked for you at the pool to say goodbye but didn't see you. Hope you had fun there.