Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Great Outdoors

I'm a sucker for punishment apparently. Despite the dirtiness that goes along with toddlers and camping, I decided that we would brave the outdoors and go camping again with my Mom. Unfortunately for me, Doug decided that he'd prefer to stay home and go golfing (who can blame him?!). So, I convinced my best pal Sodavy to tag along and camp with us. HA! She had no idea what was in store for her! Good news was that between me, my mom, Sodavy and my Aunt, we were able to keep a close watch on Tyson without one of us collapsing from exhaustion. Although I did come close. See, Tyson had picked up this stomach bug that causes awful diarrhea and I spent the entire weekend changing dirty diapers. He literally would just be changed and then I would smell that familiar odor within five minutes. Not fun on any normal day. REALLY not fun when you're camping. Needless to say the minute I walked in the door at home I glared at Doug and grumbled something like "you're on diaper duty for the next century" (expletives deleted).
Tyson playing with my Aunt Ruth.

One day my mom, Sodavy and I decided that we would go for a short hike to a nearby lake. I have a backpack that I throw Tyson in and away we went. He loves to swing his arm out the side trying to grab branches as we walk along the trail. He points to trees and other random things saying "pretty" and "cool".
The walk was very relaxing, even with 35+ extra pounds that I was packing on my back. I didn't even huff and puff too much. Then again the mosquitos were pretty bad so maybe it was just that I didn't want to inhale any unwanted bugs.

Hey, it wouldn't be me without some fauna photos!

One of the things I love (and hate) about Mirror Lake is that you can never count on the weather. It could be a beautiful day in the morning and then that evening it could pour buckets on you. Which is exactly what happened to us. The biggest, scariest lightning storm I'd ever been in. I was sitting at the picnic table and saw the lightning and heard the crack of thunder at the exact same moment - that's how close it was! It scared Tyson so bad he started crying. We took off to the car and sat in it while the rain came down. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the storm. I was too busy cowering in the Subaru.

Who'd have thought riding on someone's back could be so tiring? Alright, I will admit if you're tired enough, sleeping anywhere will do. He just didn't look comfortable at all!


Christy said...

We got caught in a storm up at mirror lake a few years ago. It was terrible. Ask me sometime and I will tell you about it. Not quit something you blog. The picture of the lake is gorgeous.

Scott and Lonna said...

I LOVE Mirror Lake, last time we made a run there, it was a bike marathon of over 1,000 bikes. We were dodging bikers left and right. But you can't beat the beauty of Mirror Lake. I love the pic of Tyson crashed out! Kids are the greatest!!!

Dunn Family said...

Oh how cute!! Do you like your backpack? I have been thinking about getting one of those... Ariana loved the baby sling, but Amelia isn't such a good sling baby and she is much heavier than Ana was. I like the umbrella. Beautiful pictures. I just remembered that I need to look up the photography classes...I bet they start anytime now. I'll let you know what I find out.