Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Did The Time Go?

I bought a frame that has openings for a photo from every month of Tyson's life and I was so excited to put it up. That was like 4 months ago. So I sat down today to print out photos to put in there and my damn printer won't print the colors correctly. So since I went through and picked out all the photos, I thought I would share 12 months of Tyson's life! Amazing how much change comes about in just a year.

June 2007- Welcome home little Tyson

July 2007 - Strong boy!

August 2007 - Always with the fists...

September 2007 - Drool, tongue and grins!

October 2007 - Mr. Happy. Who'd have thought?

November 2007 - Is it POSSIBLE to smile any bigger?

December 2007 - First Christmas!

January 2008 - Watch out! Crawling already!

February 2008 - The Chippendale pose

March 2008 - Starting to look like a little boy and not a baby!

April 2008 - Able to take a few steps now.. forget crawling!

May 2008 - Walking? Pssshh! Running is more like it!

June 2008 - Happy 1st Birthday!


Chelsea said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love the pictures with the tongue sticking out!

ladye1955 said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonder pictures of your family. I so love to wander through the pages.
Love you