Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get a Room!

This week's photo is a famous one. Ok not really but I like to think so. For the last few years I have bought the Dog Page-a-Day calendar where people send in photos of their dogs. A couple of years ago I sent in this photo of Dakota and Eden and we learned in September of 2006 that we were chosen to be published for the 2007 calendar! We were so excited that we ordered a bunch of the calendars for family for gifts. A month later, we found out that we were expecting our little Tyson. It was all too fitting because in the caption on the calendar, they put a statement about how Eden and Dakota were conspiring for a little brother. So when we got the calendars, I put together a little index card with an ultrasound picture (of Tyson as big as a grain of rice) and the due date. Then I put a post-it on our dogs' page telling them to read it and flip to the back of the calendar. We presented them to our families on Thanksgiving day and it was a huge hit! So now every time I see this photo, I go back to that exciting time.