Sunday, July 20, 2008

Animal Planet Expo

We heard that Animal Planet is touring the U.S. with their expo and had lots of fun activities going on at Liberty Park this weekend. Today we decided to head down there to see what it was about. It was pretty awesome! There was a guy from California with a bunch of his Border Collies that were obviously frisbee dogs. Oh how I would love to get Dakota trained that well!

I wish we would have at least brought Eden with us, but I didn't know if dogs were allowed for sure. There were so many dogs there! There were lots of breeds there ranging from a gigantic Great Dane (Tyson said "Whoaaaa!") to Chihuahas and everything in between. We did see lots of Pit Bulls, which I don't normally care for but they all seemed to be well mannered. Surprisingly, I didn't see any aggressive or really out of control dogs. It was great!

There were slides and other things for the kids to do but Tyson wasn't old enough to do any of them, nor would I think he be willing to go down a giant alligator slide. Maybe next time.

They also had a wild animal show with an iguana, python, Sun Bear and a few other exotic animals. Tyson enjoyed looking at these strange creatures. We didn't stick around for the whole show because A) it was very crowded and hard to see the people showing the animals and B) it was about 96 degrees and extremely humid so we were dripping wet. We moved on to check out what else there was to see.

All in all, despite the humidity it was a fun time. I hope they come to Salt Lake again in the next few years because I think if he'd been a little bit older he would have had a blast playing and exploring everything.

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Redhoodoos said...

Tyson and animals. My favorites!! Does SPS still say "that's my favorite!" ;)