Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be prepared to laugh!

So, anyone who knows me that I am a picture FREAK. My walls are practically wallpapered in photos and posters. Most of these are ones that I've taken.. I fancy myself a photographer. I don't know if they're any good, but I like 'em. My dream job would be to travel for National Geographic and photograph animals, scenery, whatever. I'm even moved by the environmental and humanity issues occurring in third world countries. These issues pull at me like a strange force that makes me want to record them on paper for others to see. Unfortunately for me, lots of other people have this urge too. Oh and then there are the bills that must be paid every month. Nevertheless, I continue to load up my computer with images that please me and make me happy. I admit that most of these are of Tyson, Doug and the dogs. But I also stop to admire odd trees, lovely flowers and creatures that cross my path. The point of this rambling is that most of this blog will probably consist of photos that I love to share. I hope they are enjoyed by others as much as I enjoy taking them!


Redhoodoos said...

You are such an amazingly cool person, MCF. I'm so excited that you have a blog.

Hey, I noticed Tyson's water diapers. Pretty cool. I was wondering - do you know if they make any for cats? Creature is dying to go out on the slip n slide... so it Todd, actually.

Anyhoo - let me know.

Dunn Family said...

HA!!! lol...I love that picture. That's great. I enjoy your pictures...I would like to take a photography class in the fall. Have you ever taken one? Would you be interested? Let me know.