Thursday, July 10, 2008

Camping - 4th of July

We went camping last weekend. For anyone who has never camped with a 12 month old, let me describe it to you in one word:

I must have had this naive expectation of sitting around the campfire making marshmallows, playing cards or going for explorative hikes. Boy could I have not been more wrong. Ok well we did go for one walk that could have been labeled explorative, but it was by no means a hike. I spent the entire two and a half days following Tyson around with a wet wipe and examining the rocks he kept presenting to me like they were rare gems he had come across.

Tyson got a little mad because I wouldn't let him put them in his mouth.

But he got over it and had a blast playing inside the trailer (with Doug on the outside) against the screen.

We did manage to have some fun though. We took the dogs (all 5 - yes that's right 5) to Mirror Lake to play in the water. Here's where the venting part of this blog comes in... I realized this weekend that I don't have any great affection for fisherman. There's nothing worse than walking around a huge body of water that my dogs are dying to jump into and having no where that we can throw a stick and let them get wet. You see, fisherman can be kind of snooty. That is, they tend to get ticked when you start splashing around the water in close proximity to where they're at. Now, I understand the point behind fishing and normally don't mind finding somewhere relatively fisherman-free but the lake was PACKED and we had to walk quite a ways. Eventually though we found a spot and were able to let the pups get some swimming in.

We also made a stop at the Provo River Falls overlook, which I had never been to. It was beautiful! We are definitely going to have to stop there again when we go to Mirror Lake over the 24th of July... It's a great place to take the dogs to play in the water!

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Redhoodoos said...

You should have just yelled at the fishermen like you yell at the neighbor kids to get off your lawn. I bet it would have worked.

Tyson is adorable! Glad you had fun.